The Trilogy


In a confusing time beset by doubt and uncertainty, and a few months of the presidential elections, eagle, beef and e-business has a double ambition:

firstly, provide clear answers to those who question the technological revolution that began thirty years ago and the influence of Internet and real consequences in the economy.

secondly, explain, argue and try to convince the urgent need for the French economy to accelerate the diffusion and integration of new Internet technologies in all of its industrial and commercial fabric.

An editorial concept threefold

The eagle, the ox and the e-business is a glance at both the past, present and immediate future, and is based on three dimensions:

An educational dimension, intended to shed light on the revolution in information technology and the various steps that have marked its development from 1970 to the present: 2001, the odyssey of information technology (Episode I, publication 15 January 2002).

An economic dimension, aimed at understanding the fundamental features of the “new economy” emerging from nearly three decades across the world to describe the role that the Internet holds in this “new economy” and explain its consequences on organization and operation of enterprises short and medium terms: 2004, the advent of e-business (Episode II, published on 31 January 2002 and promotional launch in the living room of Entrepreneurs 2002 – see attached invitation).

An ideological dimension, finally, intended to demonstrate how and why promote the dissemination and integration of information technology and e-business across the French industrial and commercial fabric to improve the productivity of our economy and strengthening its competitiveness to a five-year horizon: 2007 France network (Episode III, published February 25, 2002).

Biases of the author

Four months of the presidential elections, eagle, beef and e-business aims to send a strong message to the French political and economic decision makers. In this context, the author has focused editorial approach in the form of sponsorship to broadcast successively and the three free books on a favorite target of about 5000 opinion leaders: business leaders, personalities from the world of politics and power, editors and journalists of the print and broadcast media, “venture capitalists” and financial institutions of the place, large consulting firms of leaders and recruiting firms, Presidents and Secretaries general of ICC, trade chambers , professional associations, employers’ organizations, universities, engineering schools and business schools.

Companies that have agreed to support this operation are: Alternis, ASP One Europe, La Poste and Maïaah !. A presentation of each proposed here.

The three episodes of the trilogy will also be available to the general public on the website of the author and those of its various sponsors: