Our Patrons

If I have been able to complete this project, it is above all thanks to the trust and spontaneous support that have made me the patrons of this trilogy. And through these companies, it is the men and women who make the progress I would like to thank here.

e-business-solutions-250x250Martin Vial, Chairman of La Poste, which has instilled a great dynamic Internet in a business that is now one of the major players in the development of the Internet in France and Patrick Widlöcher, communications director and Nathalie Rouvet, Director brand La Poste;

Jean-François Bensahel, CEO of ASP One, the French pioneer in providing applications and online services, which for several years demonstrated a total and unreserved commitment to promote the diffusion of Internet technologies in the french industry and commerce;

e-commerce-website-designing-services-250x250Eric Guerin, CEO of Alternis, a company specializing in solutions for the provision of infrastructure software for the mobile telecommunications industry, the commercial headquarters in London and technological center of excellence paris, which is undoubtedly an outstanding example of the success of French entrepreneurs out to conquer the world.

Thibaut Bechetoille Alexis Delb and, finally, the two founding leaders of MAIAAH !, IP virtual private network operator, who managed to impose in the doldrums of the telecommunications industry, built a new e-business network infrastructure model on outsourcing, quality of service and customized through professionalism, great vision and insight that can only arouse the admiration of their peers.

They are all here to express my deepest gratitude.