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PRICE BORDIN 2003-2004
the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques

Institut de France

The Bordin Prize is a biennial award given successively on the proposals of each section of the Academy to authors of books on topics relating to the public interest, for the good of humanity, the progress of science and national honor.

He was awarded this year on the proposal of the Political Economy Section, Statistics and Finance.

The acceleration of technology diffusion of Information in the fabric
French industrial and commercial:
A major challenge for the future of French competitiveness

While the last two years the controversy over the decline of France entered fully into the public debate, at no time was there any question of the connection between intensive use of information technology by businesses and competitiveness of our economy. At no time, either, the delay of our TPE and national SMEs in this area have been singled out. Yet if until recently no serious study had been able to demonstrate the impact of computerization of business productivity and competitiveness of the economy, it is now a fact. So where are the proposals to help our businesses to better equip, train and innovate, innovation become the weapon key to competitiveness in a highly competitive world  How, from the development of ICT in our country, to give substance to a true territorial economic development policy, combining industrial policy, education policy, employment policy and policy research & business development  Nowhere we find genuine visions and proposals. Too bad, because unlike the reforms to lower the tax, payroll taxes or public spending, such a policy does not depend on technically binding arbitration and socially dangerous, or the goodwill of certain corporatism more concerned with their particular interests the general interest. Therefore, according to the author, one of the main challenges of French competitiveness in the beginning of XXI century is there. And this trilogy is intended to demonstrate.