About La Poste

TGV_la_poste_3Partner of all exchanges, La Poste offers services related to new technologies, to the public and for businesses.

To access the Internet, communicate and exchange or find useful and practical information, the Post offers the public a full range of services:

– Illiclic.com: a general portal with entries that meet the consumer’s everyday concerns

– @ Laposte.net: a free e-mail with multiple features

– Directory La Poste: a comprehensive directory for individuals and businesses

– Terminals Cyberposte: the Internet access points in 1,000 post offices.

la-poste-4Whatever type of exchange and strong expertise in physical mail, the Post offers new services to businesses:

– Data exchange solutions: EDI or the EFI with Seres, paperless billing with Post @ xess,

– Documents of engineering solutions: Mail Online (Maileva), desktop publishing and the Automatic Management of Documents (Aspheria)

– Security solutions: electronic signature (CertiNomis), the exchange of secure documents (PosteCS)

– E-commerce solutions: online stores (Axepro)

– Integration solutions for specific developments with Imelios.

Party General Public:

Myrna Bahou

Responsible Internet Offer Consumer

01 41 41 82 07



Party Company:

Catherine Epstein

Marketing and Sales

01 41 41 82 00