About Alternis

Alternis is a European company whose commercial headquarters in London and the center of technological excellence and engineering in Paris. Following the success of its telecom business, the company is dedicated to the provision of infrastructure software for the mobile telecommunications industry.

Alternis developed a software architecture tip which is able to process the information concerning the mobile subscribers with a level of speed and performance never reached so far by the mediation systems. Indeed, Alternis understood the potential of real-time technologies to help operators to resolve the many issues related to data processing and which constrain the deployment of value added services.

In May 2001, following the successful development of the highest performing data mediation platform for France Telecom Group, Alternis was funded by one of the leaders of the California Capital Investment – Benchmark Group – and Skymoon Ventures.

Today, the offer includes its flagship Alternis specific technology processing and mediation of data on mobile subscribers and a comprehensive system of mediation geo-location data.

All software solutions for mobile data mediation Alternis rely on a unique architecture, designed to meet the three major challenges of implementing mobile services with high added value. These three challenges are:

– Background – relevance with respect to the location of the subscriber, his lifestyle and the time

– Trade – ability to charge, implement different business models and benefit from learning market

– Control – compliance with authorizations of management and followed subscribers Application Partners

The first implementation of this architecture, the software suite “Alternis Mediation System Location” stands between the present positioning systems in mobile networks and location-based applications internal or external to the mobile operator. This system manages the authorization and anonymous subscribers, pre-billing functions location information, optimizing the network load, management of geo-dependent applications and generation of near events high added value.


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