About ASP-One

ASPone-logo-mediumASP-One is an operator of online services (or ASP – Application Service Provider) which provides businesses and professionals with online applications (messaging solutions, collaboration, management …), and electronic exchange solutions professionals by offering paperless solutions including trade, financial and administrative: e-filing, TV-Out, …

ASP-One of expertise covers the following two areas:

– Online Services: secure hosting center, system administration and application support and assistance to users, availability management and application security and quality of service.

– Professional Electronic Exchanges: creation of automatic exchange process, standardized languages document structures (EDIFACT, EAN, XML, …) and / or owners, messaging communication protocols (X400, P7, SMTP, etc.) Point-to-Point (PESIT, ETEBAC …) and exchange security (encryption, authentication, archiving, traceability).

indexFirst company to have proposed an ASP offering in France and have operational users in the field, ASP-One is recognized as a leading player in this sector. ASP-One is especially active in the field of accounting (in particular through the portal www.jedeclare.com) and health (including the solution of remote transmission WebFSE care sheets, handling more than 2 million care sheets per month).

Subsidiary of Prologue Software Group, ASP-One combines the advantages of a start-up to those of a large group recognized in its field. Specialist multi-user technologies, Prologue Software Group capitalizes expertise which ranks leading position on the market of the distribution of applications and online services.

The opinion of the Expert

Jean-Fran├žois Bensahel, CEO

“Productivity gains, growing needs of communication solutions, electronic exchanges, are at the heart of current concerns of companies. Through a variety of solutions ready to use and customizable ASP-One specifically addresses these needs, and releases the company from its IT constraints by providing security, maintenance, availability and the evolution of its solutions. “


ZA Courtaboeuf

12, avenue des Tropiques – BP 73

F- 91943 Les Ulis Cedex

tel: 01 69 29 39 47